Manure and garbage management: manure handling and application system

The Project will support a system for waste collection and subsequent application of manure/compost comprising: : (i) waste collection/delivery to communal-level facility; (ii) provision of equipment to facilitate handling at the communal-level facility – tractor with trailer and loader; (iii) management of livestock waste to stimulate breakdown and composting; (iv) provisions for spreaders for field application of composted material; (v) provision of vacuum tanker and injector for handling and field application of the effluent. The responsibilities will be set out in agreements between the PMU and the local authorities. Summary of the investment programs (numbers) in livestock and household waste management:

Number of Training and Demonstration Sites (TDS) in NVZ communes65---11
Total NVZs covered by the Project (accepted)20446686-86
Communal storage facilities26332515-99
Household bunkers15902300150010108007200
Handling and application equipment sets20212117786
Household waste bins9400630063006300120029500

Note: Provision at TDS is for two platforms