Planting of buffer strips and pastures rehabilitation

The Project will support the rehabilitation of pastures and the planting-up of communal land, for vegetative buffer strips to protect water bodies from nutrient discharges or to stem the deterioration of degraded land. For planting activities, the Project would provide the cost of saplings while the commune will provide the labor for planting. For the rehabilitation of pastures to reduce grazing pressure and improve sward cover, the Project would provide seeds and fencing. This assistance would be provided where communes have requested it and have made commitments to manage the pastures accordingly. The amount of degraded land in each commune varies, as does the number of water bodies in need of buffer strips to reduce nutrient discharge. Planting of buffer strips and pastures rehabilitation

An initial indication of the demand would be obtained from the evaluation of the first six TDS and the NVZs action plans to be developed. Subsequently the demand for each commune would be assessed annually prior to finalizing project investments for the year ahead. The areas (hectares) to be planted and/or rehabilitated are currently estimated as follows

Planting at Training and Demonstration Sites (TDSs) in NVZ communes110110---220
Planting in other NVZ communes covered by the Project (accepted)-3003003002001100
Total tree planting ha110420720102013201320
Pastures rehabilitationTo be determined